In all the globe there’s no place like our earth. No alternative place anywhere in close proximity to us that has the wonder and splendor and balance and harmony and impressiveness and serenity and beauty of our home. We’ve explored and not found another planet to compare.

Pull back and observe the glory and just how full of wonder this planet is, that so many forms of life could inhabit its gardens.

By the choice to continue to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we remain cast out of the garden. This happens when we set our vision on parsing what we see into good and bad categories. When we continue to choose this way we also believe and experience ourselves as separate. Needing to work for our existence. No longer living in the lap of bounty and trust, we now live in want and isolation always attempting to rectify this painful separation with the same choosing that took us out of the garden, separating Life into good and evil and so many other categories.

But what if we woke up and chose to eat of the tree of Life. Trusting all of life for value. Remembering the One who put us here and honoring and respecting and trusting and allowing. Trusting that Life has remembered us and is for us, unconditionally, no matter what our separated mind tells us we see.

To begin to choose to trust Life, we must begin with ourselves, right where we are, by trusting what is wanted and what is felt. Sitting with the self and regaining a relationship. Asking questions and listening for answers. And observing the qualities within our self, all of them. The anger is there for a reason, the fear is there for a reason, the sadness is there for a reason, and it’s most likely not the reason we think.

Very few really go through this courageous change of choosing and experiencing Life without parsing everything into good and evil. And…many have a form of Life but not the power and glory and splendor of Life here on earth…