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Where’s My Success? ( 1 min read )

Have you seen these types of articles before? Things like, “10 Things Successful People Do Differently“.

The common logic derived is that if it helped them get success, it should be somewhat helpful to you, right?

But this type is fundamentally flawed and could very well make you worse off. We are so in awe of these successful people, we don’t even consider that there might be some other huge factors at play. For example Luck.

As the saying goes, “Be brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” However, consider all the people who are bankrupt. No doubt, they took risks too. So, where’s their success?

If we only listen to the winner’s story, there’s no balancing force of bankrupt people telling us to be more careful. If you only take the advice of the so called successful people and ignore all the failures, you’re going to be left with a heavily distorted view of reality. No one really knows what it takes to become successful. Therefore, when listening to the advice of successful people, be skeptical and make sure you aren’t getting fooled. Instead, consider the failures and perhaps you’ll learn more.



Developing apps and games are less of work and more of fun to me. As Confucius said, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" An aspiring developer and a blogger.

13 thoughts on “Where’s My Success? ( 1 min read )

  1. But are the “failures” courageous enough to comment so that we can learn from them? Unfortunately society tells people to hang out with the winners and looks down at the failures as “losers.” This is misguided to a large extent. The louder and more prominent message should be “Just trying” something is a success in its own right, and if one walks away with lessons learned, it is a worthwhile education.

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  2. I think failure is the driving force or let’s say a part of success. One may get succeed in one go but if one doesn’t then failure delays the success for few months or years rather than making someone a loser.
    People should change the way of perception and should think failure as a part of success and not as a demotivating factor.

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  3. I’d rather attempt something I like to do and fail at it then not attempt at all. Failure is a motivator for one to keep going only not repeat the last attempt. Always trying something that you fail at from a different angle, a different perspective. Reality is one can not win all the time, they are bound to make mistakes, errors in judgment, just a fact of life but one does not just throw in the towel and quit. If Edison threw in the towel after the 999th try at making the filiment for the light bulb he’d have missed his success at 1,000 and the world would have believed it can’t be done after all. Did Edison not prove it after 999 tries and quiting? So you see you keep trying UNTIL you succeed otherwise you won’t. What was that old saying, “Success comes in cans, failure comes in can’ts”. If you think you can, you’re right! If you think you can’t, you’re right again, you won’t be able to.

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  4. We often think of failure as bad and success as good. Yet if we could see our failures as a chance to gain wisdom and learn something from it we would be better off. Think of how many times Edison failed before finding success with the lightbulb. Yes sometimes success is just being in the right place at the right time but sometimes success is just taking every opportunity to live out life.

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    1. Hello, green, I am myself studying in VIT, Vellore pursuing B. Tech and I for one can imagine the hardships you are facing to get into engineering. It’s not easy because you are competing with 10 lakh+ students. My main suggestion for you is that keep trying until you succeed but there’s the limitation for the tries of IIT also. Another piece of advice is that CHOOSE COLLEGE with your STREAM and not by RANKING. Ranking matters but more importantly is your passion and the career which you wish to build. You can build your career in any college as long as you have the will for it. Cracking IIT is all about getting your concepts clear from basics which means no one knows that better than you. I hope there is no such pressure from your family that you have to join an IIT only because it will just ruin your career if you don’t love what you study.

      I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and get back to me anytime 🙂

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      1. Thanks for iit im passionate about ethical hacking and programming so i want to choose computer science but you also know taking computer science stream is tough is iits as well as Nits . However from my family there is no pressure for iit but yes they tell me to atleast crack a Top Nit like Nit trichi from jee mains . Next year in 2019 i will be giving mains and advanced.

        Thanks for motivation

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