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Trust? Years to earn, Seconds to break

That’s right. Most of us have experienced it ourselves. Can we blame anyone?

Trust is a very fragile thing which can destroy even the best of relationships. Although i’m no expert in relationship stuff but for a fact I know that whatever the matter is never lie to anyone for that is the leading factor that breaks trust.

We have friends, we have family and we should be thankful for it for even the richest are poor without having someone to take care of.

Feel free to share your stories and have a good day.



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6 thoughts on “Trust? Years to earn, Seconds to break

  1. A universal truth for sure. It reminds me of another value my mother instilled in me — “it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to tear it down.” Lieing, of course, destroys a reputation. My policy is to owe up to it if I made a mistake, a bad choice, or said something I’d like to take back, etc., etc. Most are understanding when I come clean. That is the only way my conscious would let me sleep anyway. I’ve never been a good liar nor would I want to be one. Trust is imperative in any healthy relationship — personal, medical, business, etc. It is the very foundation for healthy interaction. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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  2. After trust has been broken- can it be rebuilt again? I’ve been struggling with this. What’s most important though is to not let the pain of past experiences affect how you approach others, so continue to trust without reservations.

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    1. I beg to differ slightly with your comment. For me, it depends on the type of trust that was broken. Was it something minor, as referred to as a little white lie (like someone told me they were sick when they missed an appointment but they actually forgot the appointment and felt embarrassed to owe up to it) …or was it something more major, like stealing from me or betraying my heart? That type of broken trust, I find most difficult to rebuild. Once that threshold has been crossed, nagging uncertainty lurks in the background of a now muddied relationship.

      There are some sayings that I keep in mind in these situations like “Watch how someone treats others because they may very well treat you the same,” or the standard, “a leopard doesn’t change its spots” (as much as denial would like us to see otherwise, the truth usually comes out and eventually sets us free).

      Lastly, my spiritual guide once said to me, “If you’ve fallen in the hole once, the next time you walk around it. If you fall in it again, you might want to try another street.”

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