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The beauty of life

In all the globe there’s no place like our earth. No alternative place anywhere in close proximity to us that has the wonder and splendor and balance and harmony and impressiveness and serenity and beauty of our home. We’ve explored and not found another planet to compare.

Pull back and observe the glory and just how full of wonder this planet is, that so many forms of life could inhabit its gardens.

By the choice to continue to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we remain cast out of the garden. This happens when we set our vision on parsing what we see into good and bad categories. When we continue to choose this way we also believe and experience ourselves as separate. Needing to work for our existence. No longer living in the lap of bounty and trust, we now live in want and isolation always attempting to rectify this painful separation with the same choosing that took us out of the garden, separating Life into good and evil and so many other categories.

But what if we woke up and chose to eat of the tree of Life. Trusting all of life for value. Remembering the One who put us here and honoring and respecting and trusting and allowing. Trusting that Life has remembered us and is for us, unconditionally, no matter what our separated mind tells us we see.

To begin to choose to trust Life, we must begin with ourselves, right where we are, by trusting what is wanted and what is felt. Sitting with the self and regaining a relationship. Asking questions and listening for answers. And observing the qualities within our self, all of them. The anger is there for a reason, the fear is there for a reason, the sadness is there for a reason, and it’s most likely not the reason we think.

Very few really go through this courageous change of choosing and experiencing Life without parsing everything into good and evil. And…many have a form of Life but not the power and glory and splendor of Life here on earth…


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Why is such a basic need so important? [2 min read]

Happiness is one aspiration all people share. No one wants to be sad and depressed.
We’ve all seen people who are always happy – even amidst agonizing life trials. I’m not saying happy people don’t feel grief, sorrow or sadness; they just don’t let it overtake their life.

The following are 21 things happy people make a habit of doing:

1. Appreciate Life

Be thankful that you woke up alive each morning. Develop a childlike sense of wonder towards life. Focus on the beauty of every living thing. Make the most of each day. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Choose Friends Wisely

Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values and goals. Friends that have the same ethics as you will encourage you to achieve your dreams. They help you to feel good about yourself. They are there to lend a helping hand when needed.

3. Be Considerate

Accept others for who they are as well as where they are in life. Respect them for who they are. Touch them with a kind and generous spirit. Help when you are able, without trying to change the other person. Try to brighten the day of everyone you come into contact with.

4. Learn Continuously

Keep up to date with the latest news regarding your career and hobbies. Try new and daring things that have sparked your interest – such as dancing, skiing, surfing or sky-diving.

5. Creative Problem Solving

Don’t wallow in self-pity. As soon as you face a challenge get busy finding a solution. Don’t let the set backs affect your mood, instead see each new obstacle you face as an opportunity to make a positive change. Learn to trust your gut instincts – it’s almost always right.

6. Do What They Love

Some statistics show that 80% of people dislike their jobs! No wonder there are so many unhappy people running around. We spend a great deal of our life working. Choose a career that you enjoy – the extra money of a job you detest isn’t worth it. Make time to enjoy your hobbies and pursue special interests.

7. Enjoy Life

Take the time to see the beauty around you. There’s more to life than work. Take time to smell the roses, watch a sunset or sunrise with a loved one, take a walk along the seashore, hike in the woods etc. Learn to live in the present moment and cherish it. Don’t live in the past or the future.

8. Laugh

Don’t take yourself – or life too seriously. You can find humor in just about any situation. Laugh at yourself –no one’s perfect. When appropriate laugh and make light of the circumstances. (Naturally, there are times that you should be serious as it would be improper to laugh.)

9. Forgive

Holding a grudge will hurt no one but you. Forgive others for your own peace of mind. When you make a mistake –own up to it – learn from it – and FORGIVE yourself.

10. Gratitude

Develop an attitude of gratitude.Count your blessings; All of them – even the things that seem trivial. Be grateful for your home, your work and most importantly your family and friends.Take the time to tell them that you are happy they are in your life.

11. Invest in Relationships

Always make sure your loved ones know you love them even in times of conflict. Nurture and grow your relationships with your family and friends by making the time to spend with them. Don’t break your promises to them. Be supportive.

12. Keep Their Word

Honesty is the best policy. Every action and decision you make should be based on honesty. Be honest with yourself and with your loved ones.

13. Meditate

Meditation gives your very active brain a rest. When it’s rested you will have more energy and function at a higher level. Types of meditation include yoga, hypnosis, relaxation tapes, affirmations, visualization or just sitting in complete silence. Find something you enjoy and make the time to practice daily.


14. Mind Their Own Business

Concentrate on creating your life the way you want it. Take care of you and your family. Don’t get overly concerned with what other people are doing or saying. Don’t get caught up with gossip or name calling. Don’t judge. Everyone has a right to live their own life the way they want to – including you.

15. Optimism

See the glass as half full. Find the positive side of any given situation. It’s there – even though it may be hard to find. Know that everything happens for a reason, even though you may never know what the reason is. Steer clear of negative thoughts. If a negative thought creeps in – replace it with a positive thought.

16. Love Unconditionally

Accept others for who they are. You don’t put limitations on your love. Even though you may not always like the actions of your loved ones – you continue to love them.

17. Persistence

Never give up. Face each new challenge with the attitude that it will bring you one step closer to your goal. You will never fail, as long as you never give up. Focus on what you want, learn the required skills, make a plan to succeed and take action. We are always happiest while pursuing something of value to us.

18. Be Proactive

Accept what can not be changed.Happy people don’t waste energy on circumstances beyond their control. Accept your limitations as a human being. Determine how you can take control by creating the outcome you desire – rather than waiting to respond.

19. Self Care

Take care of your mind, body, and health. Get regular medical check ups. Eat healthily and work out. Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water. Exercise your mind by continually energizing it with interesting and exciting challenges.

20. Self Confidence

Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. After all, no one likes a phony. Determine who you are in the inside – your own personal likes and dislikes. Be confident in who you are. Do the best you can and don’t second guess yourself.

21. Take Responsibility

Happy people know and understand that they are 100% responsible for their life. They take responsibility for their moods, attitude, thoughts, feelings, actions,  and words. They are the first to admit when they’ve made a mistake.
Begin today by taking responsibility for your happiness. Work on developing these habits as you own. The more you incorporate the above habits into your daily lifestyle – the happier you will be.

Most of all:  BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.


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Where’s My Success? ( 1 min read )

Have you seen these types of articles before? Things like, “10 Things Successful People Do Differently“.

The common logic derived is that if it helped them get success, it should be somewhat helpful to you, right?

But this type is fundamentally flawed and could very well make you worse off. We are so in awe of these successful people, we don’t even consider that there might be some other huge factors at play. For example Luck.

As the saying goes, “Be brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” However, consider all the people who are bankrupt. No doubt, they took risks too. So, where’s their success?

If we only listen to the winner’s story, there’s no balancing force of bankrupt people telling us to be more careful. If you only take the advice of the so called successful people and ignore all the failures, you’re going to be left with a heavily distorted view of reality. No one really knows what it takes to become successful. Therefore, when listening to the advice of successful people, be skeptical and make sure you aren’t getting fooled. Instead, consider the failures and perhaps you’ll learn more.

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An Urban Legend

Once an architect designed a library. He was professional in every detail except for one thing – he forgot to take into account the weight of the books. And by failing to do so, the library began to sink into the soil year after year.

Well there’s no assertion of such an incident happening so it can be classified as ” an urban legend ” .

The point here is that the architect was either too proud or arrogant and one should not take this course in their life. Arrogance and ego is the slow poison to one’s life.

For the factual story you can visit this link.